Bau and Meow

Our friends come with us!

In our Residence it is possible to stay together with our furry friends! Report their presence to us and we will advise you on the most suitable housing solution. We are also available for advice and suggestions… for an unforgettable holiday. Paths and pedestrian paths suitable for stretching the legs of dogs and owners! Pet supplement required € 30.00 one-off

Please note that:

*they must always be led on a leash and in the case of large and/or non-tame animals, with a muzzle;

*the owner must immediately clean up any space that will be soiled by the animal;

* it is forbidden to disturb the other guests in any way;

* please note that the National Law prohibits taking animals to the beach. Our staff is at your disposal for suggestions and clarifications. In fact, there are beaches equipped to accommodate animals and owners in the surrounding area, we will be happy to let you know.