Sport e tempo libero

There are two swimming pools inside the residence, one for adults and another one for children. There are also two tennis grounds. In addition, there are lots of Natural Routes, for walk or jogging enthusiasts...

On the other side of the bay, at a few km from Costa Serena, the Isola dei Gabbiani (‘gulls island’) is an absolute reference point for anyone who intends to practice the main watersports, such as:

Windsurfing: a marine sport consisting in travelling over water upon a small board, thanks to the propelling action exerted by wind on the sail. This latter is fixed upon an articulated pole, supported and stirred by the windsurfer with the only aid of a boom.

Sailing: Sailing implies the use of boats, either extremely small or very large, which may be composed of one or more hulls. Boats are propelled by one or more sails only, and they are manually manoeuvred by crews composed of one or more people.

Diving: if you are ready to dive among the big groupers of Lavezzi shallows, or if you are eager to explore the numerous wrecks, all you have to do is wearing your diving suit. We are waiting for you, with our courses for all levels, from the first dive to the most advanced diving excursion!

Kite surfing: until recently, gliding and hovering above the water by means of a board suspended to a kite was considered as science-fiction. This is a really amazing watersport. Body-dragging (just gliding with your body onto the water surface) towed by a kite will give you an idea of how wonderful this invention can be.

Qualified instructors are waiting for you here, with courses of all disciplines at any level: from beginners to advanced users, who may need but the equipment rental. For details and tariffs:

Horse riding can also be practiced, in various riding schools, at 5-7 Km from Costa Serena Residence.